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Good quality Bullet Proof Vest Material for sales
Good quality Bullet Proof Vest Material for sales
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U.S. troops then in the Korean War, equipped with M52-type nylon body armor, blocking 70% of the direct hit killing was at the time, the chest, the abdomen of a 65% reduction in mortality, a 15% reduction in the overall attrition rate.
It is reported that, in 1983, once five U.S. Marines on patrol in the streets of Beirut, suddenly suffered a grenade attack, because they were wearing "Kevlar" bulletproof, grenades exploded around them, there's no result in death or serious injury, only the upper and lower limbs were slightly injured.
The above statistics and reported strong evidence of the protective effect of body armor and protective efficacy. Well, the mystery of the body armor bulletproof what is it? How hard armor anti bullets?
Currently use hard materials such as metal, bulletproof ceramic high-performance composite plates and non-metallic and metallic or ceramic composite panels body armor bulletproof mechanism by bomb hit the material crushing, crack, plugging as well as multi-layer composite board stratification phenomenon, so as to absorb a lot of impact energy firing shells. Bouncing back phenomenon can occur when the impact energy of the hardness of the material over the shooting was shooting not throughout. How the "soft armor" anti-bullets?
If the body armor using high-performance fibers such as ballistic nylon, aramid fiber, matrix and fiber of soft materials, its bullet-proof mechanism to firing shells fiber tensile and shear, fiber impact energy to the point of impact regional spread, the energy is absorbed and the fragmentation warhead, wrapped in a bullet-proof layer.
The test showed that there are five kinds of energy absorption of the soft body armor: ⒈ fabric tensile deformation: means the bullet incident direction of deformation and the incident point is located near the region of tensile deformation; ⒉ destruction of the fabric include: fibrillated fibers disintegration of fiber breakage, composition and structure of the yarn and fabric structure; ⒊ energy: the energy of the bullet to the thermal energy through the friction dissemination; consumed by the sound after the ⒋ sound energy: the bullets hit the bulletproof layer the energy; ⒌ elastomer deformation. The composite "armored" How anti-bullet?
It should be noted that the soft body armor of this is called the "soft armor" not stop with sufficient energy or heavier direct projectile invade the human body, so there are necessary additional hard flapper, ceramic plate or composite panels, i.e. soft hard materials combined, integrated two protective mechanism, can play a protective effect on the human body so as to achieve a bulletproof purpose. Hard and soft compound body armor bulletproof mechanism is this: when the bullet hit the body armor, the first contact with the first line of defense in the body armor bulletproof steel or to enhance ceramic plate or composite panels in contact moments The bullets and rigid the bulletproof material may produce deformation and fracture, so most of the energy consumed bullet. Soft bulletproof material as a second line of defense, absorption and diffusion of the energy of the bullet the rest, and play a buffer role, in order to prevent and reduce the penetrating injury. How bulletproof body armor piece?
Generated due to hand grenades, a bomb blast fragmentation and shrapnel shape of irregular, sharp edges, small size, light weight, hit the bullet-proof material, especially software bulletproof material after deformation and large intensive, then fragmentation cutting, pull stretch bulletproof fabric fiber and its fracture; fragmentation also makes the fabric between the internal fiber and the interaction between the fabric at different levels, resulting in overall deformation of the fabric, and fragmentation damage body armor on its own energy consumption. , Fragment also has a small part of the energy is converted into heat by friction, by striking the conversion of acoustic energy. The bulletproof vest prevented the fragments of the grenade and bomb damage to the chest and abdomen and even the neck (high the collar body armor).

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