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Bullet Proof Material PE Fibre

Good quality Bullet Proof Vest Material for sales
Good quality Bullet Proof Vest Material for sales
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Bullet Proof Material PE Fibre

China Bullet Proof Material PE Fibre supplier

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: Sample is welcomed for your bullet shot test
Price: It depends on quantity and detail specifications. Good quantity better price.
Delivery Time: 3 work days for sample order. 20 work days for one bulk order ususally.
Payment Terms: T/T 30% in advance, balance before shipment. Or LC at sight also acceptable. Western Union and MoneyGram is ok for small sample order.
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Detailed Product Description

Bullet Proof Material PE Fibre


Product Name:


UHMWPE fiber
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Product Introduction:


UHMWPE fiber is white-translucent in appearance, low specific gravity as 0.97g/cm3, can float on the surface of the water.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene has merits of high orientation degree and crystallinity, micro fibers along the extension direction array in regular.

The macro molecules can be fully extened in both of the crystalline region and amorphous region, form partially extension chain structure, meanwhile, the folded chain and the extension chain structure coexist, showing a typical Shish-Kebab structure.

Such structure confers excellent mechanical properties: fiber along the axial direction has higher tenacity (≥30cN/dtex), greater modulus (≥1100cN/dtex), excellent energy absorption and impact resistance.

Compared to other high performance fibers, it’s more superior in abrasion resistance, excellent acid and alkali erosion endurance.

Once immersion in acid and alkali solution, its strength won’t reduce, if submerged within seawater, our fiber won’t swell or hydrolysis, meanwhile, even at extremely low temperatures, it can still maintain outstanding flexibility without brittle point.

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High strength,low density, low elongation at break, big specific work of rupture, UHMWPE absorb energy efficiently and there are high impact and cutting resistant of UHMWPE, at the same time it resists wear and corrosion and ultraviolet radiation .

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Technical Parameters:


Model Material Density Strength Modulus Elongation at break Acid resistance Alkali resistance UV resistance
GAP800 UHMWPE 0.97g/cm3 28-45g/d 1000-1300g/d <3% Excellent Excellent  Good


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